Investing Partner Required - Clothing Brand

Hi everyone,

I’m Fahd Jamal. Founder of PAACHYY clothing brand. PAACHYY is one of the emerging startup clothing brand with fully functional E-commerce portal. I’m looking for a Investing partner to scale this brand globally by inviting franchise outlet from various countries. I have very large resource of best quality production units from India and Vietnam.

The global apparel market is projected to grow in value from 1.5 trillion U.S. dollars in 2020 to about 2.25 trillion dollars by 2025, showing that the demand for clothing is on the rise across the world.

Our team of creative professionals will manage marketing campaign, product management and inventory which will also be great for our brand sales:

• Conduct fashion shows in all the big Malls.
• Fashion Magazines
• Outdoor Billboards
• Digital Marketing
• A strong online presence plays a huge part in sales generation. We will invite bloggers, V-loggers, social media influencers, mainstream media, and renowned fashion designers."> Please have a look. I can submit you the details proposal accordingly.
Please let us know if you have any queries. Thanks and regards