SAR 2500 / CPSM - Certified Professional In Supply Management New Books To Sell Out.

I have the following CPSM - Certified Professional in Supply Management new books to sell out.

- Wkbk/CPSM Exam 1-Foundation of Supply Management
- Wkbk/CPSM Exam 2-Effective Supply Management Performance.
- Wkbk/CPSM Exam 3 - Leadership in Supply Management
- Book/Foundation of Supply Mgmt
- Book/Effec. Supply Mgmt. Performance
- Book/Leadership in Supply Mgmt.
- CPSM Study Guide 1st Ed.
- CPSM Diagnostic Kit (Print)

I have paid $831 (SR 3,240) for the books and SR 700 for the shipment of these books.

I have spent SR 3940 on this.