Seeking Project Collaboration/Sponsorship

1. Project Proposal:
Establish an integrated (Disaster Management Institute) at Islamabad consisting of undermentioned wings:

> Islamabad Institute of Disaster Management Technology (I I D M T)
> Islamabad Rehabilitation, Research and Innovation Centre (I R R I C)

As is well known, Pakistan faced some of the worst natural disasters in the past and carries a high probability of repeated occurrences in future. It is also well known that natural disasters bring sufferings of all shapes and kinds. Inclusive, but not limited to, physical as well as mental disorders and/or disabilities both of temporary and permanent nature. With these aspects in mind, it is proposed to create a facility capable of making significant contribution to the humanity, society and the nation.The interrelated projects are briefly described below:
1.1 Islamabad Institute of Disaster Management Technology (I I D M T)
(Project suitable for Engineering/IT Professionals)
The Islamabad Institute of Disaster Management Technology (I I D M T) is proposed to be established as a teaching, training and research facility solely dedicated to all types of disaster related aspects inclusive of creating awareness besides development of skills and imparting training, providing management/mitigation know how as well as development of a centre for handling advanced aspects such as data analysis, simulation along with acting as a regional hub for innovative research undertakings.
Besides natural disasters which Pakistan faced repeatedly in the past and carries high probability of repeated occurrences in future, (I I D M T) is likely to place special emphasis on hitherto less visible disaster scenarios identified below:
> Climate change and associated aspects.
> Glacier melting along with associated catastrophic aspects.
> Food availability/demand scenario in light of climate changes and glacier melting.

1.2 Islamabad Rehabilitation, Research and Innovation Centre (I R R I C)
(Project suitable for medical/para-medical/pharma professionals)
The proposal for a Rehabilitation, Research and Training Centre (IRR & IC) envisions a centre which will emerge as a One-Stop Centre to reach citizens with disabilities, particularly those in rural and remote areas. Patient base with disabilities will be those with physical, cognitive, psychiatric, and sensory impairments. Patient’s convenience will be a priority, with the aim to establish a centre where patients needs can be catered to holistically, at a single stop. The Program will aid in human resource development related to this field, by running training courses.
2. Existing Resources:
Under our own arrangements and finances and without availing any grants or loans, we have been able to undertake spade work as below.
2.1 Suburban Islamabad Site spread over 9 kanals (approx) is now available.
2.2 The unfinished structures consisting of three blocks with covered area exceeding 14000 square feet already exist.
2.3 Admin Block with 2000 square feet covered area is finished and ready for use.
2.4 Electricity, water supply systems are in place.
2.5 Outlines of initial plans/activities have been conceived.
2.6 Initial budgetary and manpower requirements have been looked at.
2.7 Overall conceptual plans are in place.

3. Existing Investment:
3.1 An overall investment of the magnitude of (US$650 K plus) is already in place.
3.2 An estimated capital outlay of (US$2 MM) is required to ensure launching and first three years of operations.
4. Collaboration Sought
In order to proceed further, we are in need of collaboration and/or sponsorships from national and international entities (Individuals and/or Groups) as defined below.
Note: Off the cuff estimates given below are indicative only.
4.1 Collaboration/Sponsorship for seeking management control (US$1.5 MM Plus)
4.2 Collaboration/Sponsorship for holding up to three (BOD) nominations (US$200 K Plus each)
4.3 Intellectual offers to hold research and teaching positions on/off locations (Proven relevant record). Terms for the same to be developed.
4.4 Corporate structure to suit the requirements of individuals and/or groups need to be developed.
5.Non-monetary (Intellectual and/or in kind) collaboration offers in any form {faculty positions, management know-how, training material, hardware/software, hospital accessories, equipment/material (new and/or pre-owned), services} inclusive of remote location online or offline coaching, consultancy, etc are actively sought.

6. This call is for seeking (Loi) offers only.
An action plan, based on the magnitude of response, shall be developed subsequently.
We strongly urge you to review the above mentioned project outlines and get in touch with us, should there be an interest in the same.