We at Khodiyar Springs are a step ahead to fabricate well equipped thread insert, a testimony to our excellent fabrication, commitment and service to customer.Thread inserts provide permanent, high-quality, wear-resistant internal threads mainly designed to get installed in drilled holes or molded forms in a simple and quick way. In-fact there are many advantages of using thread inserts.

High-Quality Threads : These standard and high quality threads can be installed quickly into molded or simple drilled holes. These threads help create well-built and long-lasting assemblies.

Benefits of Thread Insert: Khodiyar spring thread inserts enhance performance and quality both. sThey are quite sturdy and aids in improving distribution of residual stress, enhances load bearing capacity and are designed in a way to utilize shorter and smaller threads especially for low strength alloys. Also for exercises involving maximum and upraised corrosive conditions or subject to the consequences of galvanic corrosion, surface coating in addition are available in Cadmium, aluminum,zinc and others for maximum resistance.

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