Manufacturer Of Leather Handbags, Shoulder Bag & Clothing Etc

Manufacturer of Leather Handbags, Shoulder Bag & Clothing etc

Wasat Pvt Ltd Leather factory is leather products manufacturer in Delhi India and UK.
We design and manufacture one of the finest collections of leather bags and all other leather products which are truly amazing.

Our craftsmen manufacture leather bags etc from the best quality of leather which makes all leather bags, handbags more durable and dimensionally accurate.
As leather bag makers and leather handbag makers, we use premium grade raw materials which provide our leather bags lustrous shine and fascinating designs that attract a huge number of buyers from different parts of the world.
Our leather products manufacturing factory goal is to manufacture high premium quality leather bags, leather handbags and all our leather products with 100% export capacity.

We are also manufacturer of Denim Clothing, Leather Gloves, Leather Caps, Leather Jacket/Trouser etc.
We welcome Private Label inquiries. We can manufacture any products to customer design and pack under your brand.