Investment Entrepreneur In The Gold Mining Industry

Hello. I would like an Investment Partner in the mining industry. I have a chunk of land (family land passed on from my grandfather onto me) in Kakukulu, Mubende district, Uganda where the gold mining industry is booming.

In February, 2018, the government signed a resolution to give licences to companies interested in gold mining and those with land titles in the area, to engage in the gold mining industry. On my land, there is a mine currently worked on by local labourers using local means of extraction whose production is quite very low yet there is abundance of gold in it. I need to get an investment boost into the production since the market and demand is readily available and high. If this investment is undertaken, the proceeds will definately be enormously outstanding.

Currently, I am in South Africa, having come here trying to find and get prospectus investors and acquire machinery since this country's mining industry is developed. But the challenge with those I have contacted and who have the capacity, think that mining is only in south Africa. Yet the truth is, this venture is real and quite profitable because of the pure high quality gold so far extracted there.

What is needed is investment capital and most importantly above all, is YOU, the investor. You are needed since you are in a developed country with a viable free market economy, definitely you will manage this investment and take it to where it must be.