You need SUSTAINABLE and EXCELLENT RESULTS, and this is the biggest challenge for any business. Almost everyone can achieve results within a quarter or two. The real challenge, however, is to shape an organization's culture that can deliver sustainable results year after year.

Achieving excellent results and creating the conditions for more and more success are the only hallmarks of a successful organization. However, most companies and their executives fail to meet this challenge, and the reason for their failure lies in the approach they take. You have the opportunity to lead a corporation with huge potential and make real profits today in the Gulf countries, the USA and China, presenting your own Brand on the shelves of retail stores, wholesalers and HoReCa.

Everything has already been done for you, the product is perfect and flawless. Profitability 83-92%. Some products have 800% margin. Audit and appraisal was carried out by Ernst & Young (Big4) valued at $ 42.6 million.

No intermediaries, company and manufacturer and importer and distributor.

The portfolio includes 39 SKU in retail + additional wholesale supply of fruits and vegetables.
Also valid contracts with state enterprises of the UAE.
All possibilities to increase the product line or any other product without much work and investment.
The company has been on the market since 2013, so the BRAND is very recognizable, with a strong reputation.

The most important thing is the Brand and the team! Also our own vehicle fleet (trucks, cars). Warehouses, office. Own refrigerators, shelves, gondolas, additional equipment on which goods are presented in stores, there is even its own production. Orchard 230 hectares.
The company itself with its staff of 27 people.

US market. We work with a local large distributor! Also in September last year, we signed direct contracts with two large retail chains.

We have an agreement with China (a local distributor, the goods are presented in four provinces so far) at the time of a severe pandemic there was a decline in LPO, but everything is already recovering!

Net profit in the period OKT 2019 - OKT 2020 - $ 3.9 million retail + $ 1.1 million wholesale.

Projected profit for 2021 + 64% with the existing business model!

As an example: in the period NOV 20 - JAN 21, the amount of goods sold was USD 3,657,533.25, with USD 2,340,821.58 net profit. It is in your power to increase the profit by 2.3 or 4 times, here everything depends on you. We support it at the level required by this industry for the full and effective existence of the company.

The advantage of this business is not clear to everyone, supporters of the industrial era, please do not worry, this also applies to intermediaries.
People who have nothing to do, people who, like, have guys with big money and they don't know where to attach them, in general, all storytellers and those who just like to chat and, besides, are no longer capable of, do not write!

We also don’t need partners, but we don’t exclude this option, everything is individual!
Business exclusively for people of the intellectual age, people with a creative, analytical and strategic way of thinking, and most importantly, with balls, principles and values.

Price $ 59,900,000

Thank you.