Sharing My Magical Approach In Mastering English Writing

I have taught English since 24 years ago and I am always looking for opportunityt to create a better way for the students to master English writing besides mastering their speaking skill. Through Process Approach and applying Analog approaches combining Rules for them to create a compound complex sentences not only in writing but to boost up their confidence level . These magical techniques cater to both Low Proficiency and High Proficiency Level students. They will start from zero and will transform becoming a hero. One who writes well has to also speak well.
Looking for the best simplified method which helps them to get a clearer picture how my magical D.A.D and M.O.M overcome their great fear and high writing anxiety which will in the end reveal their trueself. Everyone can teach English but not everyone is able to come up with the best and easiest practical approach. They are understandble and the techniques are related to each other.
I will be the best asser to your students as I have what it takes to master the language.