I Am Looking For Investment Or Loan.

Greetings, dear Investors / Lenders, I suggest investing in very profitable and promising business projects.

Scrap metal purchase project:
We have the opportunity to work on the following options -

1) We purchase scrap metal at a certain place at a favorable price and deliver it to the client, the calculation will be made immediately after the delivery of each batch.
2) We conclude a contract with a large metallurgical plant for a certain volume during the year, we also purchase in large batches of scrap metal, supply it to the plant, the calculation will be made by transfer within a short time after the delivery of each batch.
3) There are former large dismantling factories that sell at the price of metal, you can buy factories and slowly dismantle them, and then sell them at a better price. To sell some part as a business metal, some part as ferrous scrap.

Purchase or production of sunflower oil:
In our country, the price of sunflower oil has grown significantly, and therefore the demand has increased much more.

1) You can buy sunflower oil in bulk in large quantities in certain places at a favorable Price, respectively, after each delivery from another country, with a good markup, quickly sell.
2) At the moment, a mini-plant for the production of sunflower oil is put up for sale, there is an opportunity to buy a plant with your funding and work.
3) Develop our own technology for the production of sunflower oil, build a mini - plant and work.

Please note that communication has been established with all of the above options, all that remains is to Fund.

Cooperation Procedure:

1) We discuss the project individually that you liked, via WhatsApp, Mail.
2) We discuss moments, share or percent of net profit.

3) We conclude an agreement between us online, with a mandatory handwritten signature like on a passport (seal, if there is a registration of a legal entity)

4) We confirm cooperation, make an appointment (at the request of the Investor / Lender) in the Country of the initiator of the projects.

5) Financing is carried out strictly through the Bank, the details of which were specified in the agreement. We start to work.

NOTE: Required reading.
Options such as -
1) I have (for example) $ 50 Million US dollars, I need to fly somewhere and sign a memorandum of receipt of this money - DO NOT OFFER!
2) I have money in my Bank account, I need to pay for some service (For example), $ 560 for insurance or for any commissions - DO NOT OFFER!
3) You need to pay the Lawyer for the preparation of documents, etc. - DO NOT OFFER!

PLEASE, only serious and with serious intentions to Invest / Lend without any prepayments. Everything should be honest, transparent and, most importantly, with Trust to each other.

I am waiting for your suggestions on the WhatsApp number +996551115531
Email: (hidden)

Sincerely, Alexander.