Assalamualaikum warahmatullah

we are sunni syed from (hyderabad)India belongs decent educated family,seeking a religious educated groom from a decent family for my daughter who was raised in an Islamic environment in KSA,Alhamdullilah she is very religious,hijabi,namazi,and very well mannered.

few of her details
Age 28
Education:BA,B.ed pursuing M.ed
Marital status:Qula was taken within 6months of marriage(no kids)

looking for a proposal from a decent family
age below 37 yrs
above 5'6''
Educated and well settled in KSA,UAE,USA,CANADA etc. any gulf countries or abroad
unmarried,divorced,widower (already married individuals looking for second marriage plz excuse)

If you're interested kindly share profile on whatsapp +917337011239