Seeking Groom for our one and only sister

• DATE OF BIRTH: 9th Oct. 1994
• HEIGHT: 5' 4''
• APPEARANCE: Beautiful, Good Looking and Pretty
• QUALIFICATION: B.Sc.(Genetics & Biotech) - O.U College for Women, Hyderabad with
M.Sc.(Chemistry) from O.U College for Women, Koti, Hyderabad with first Division..

About the Girl:
She is a practicing pious Muslimah, Alhamdullilah. She observes all the obligatory acts of worship like offer five time prayers, Fasting etc. Follows Hijab, reads Qur’an regularly. She is simple well-mannered, caring and understanding. She is well versed with household responsibilities and chores.
Assist her mother in all preparations. She is very helpful and kind in nature.

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