Business Development Team Members And Entrepreneurs (Full Time)

Business Development Team Members and Entrepreneurs (Full Time)


The goal of our company is to achieve the highest quality drinking water which is easily affordable and accessible to everyone! Our company exercises an effective strategy focused around our ‘NANOS Water’ scheme, allowing customers to rent our water filtration system and enjoy routine, hassle-free maintenance in their unit.

Why Join US?

We believe in our people and strive to nurture them towards professional development. We focus on personal development, skills and capabilities while still providing a safe and supporting working environment. Our motivation is to continue to grow and make a positive impact in the lives of every individual.


Marketing Consultant

Team Manager

Team Member



Proven and Guaranteed monthly income of at least RM1,500 (based on commission)

Guaranteed fixed income of at least RM2,000 for managers

Serious team members will be trained and promoted to Group Leader and Team Manager Status


Generate new Business Development Opportunities

Managing existing business partners & education projects

Seeking new serious business partners relationship

***Fresh graduates or final semester undergraduates who wish to have a fast track career or business progression are also encouraged to apply

***Join us today to become part of our family! Interested individuals may leave your details at