As salamualaikum wa rehmatullahi wa barakatuhu

May you people are doing well by the grace of Allah subhanahu....

V v v urgent

NRI family of Hyderabad seeking an alliance for her beloved daughter age 33 qualification M.Sc brought up in Dubai Abu Dhabi a well mannered beautiful and an islamic girl alhamdulillah height 5.4 good looking with sharp features age 33 but look alike 27 yrs we belongs to a very well educated family background and seeking for the respected family of Hyderabad and Dubai in sha Allah.

Our requirements regarding the groom

Boy should be 35 to 37 in age From india or Dubai.... only educated job holders masters or p.g holders mnc or any firm either India or Dubai who balance deen and dunia very well our first preference will be an engineer in sha Allah.

U may contact or whatsapp on 6305135589.

Kindly send the groom's profile along with pics in sha Allah will give you the prompt response asap

May Allah grant our children with the best in sha Allah aameen ya rabb.

JazakAllah khair.