Comprehensive IT Upport And Services & Solutions

We are doing CCTV, Wired and Wireless NETWORKING, Files Server, All kind Of IT solutions.

• Software:
Server Operating System Installation including Windows Server 2008 along with configuring. Client OS installation includes XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Mac OS.

• Hardware:
Repairs and maintenance of all branded and non-branded Computers, Printers, LCD, LED, Monitors and Laptops. Installation of modems (DSL & Dial-up) configuration, SCSI/IDE/EIDE Hard Drives, SCSI Manager Cards and RAM.

• Network & Cabling:
Installing and configuring server's network printers, ADSL/ISDN routers, Ethernet, Peer to Peer Networks, Router and Switches Configuration using latest Client/Server Technology. Installing and configuring Server. Sharing Printers and other devices. In depth knowledge of cabling that includes UTP cables CAT (5/5E, 6/6e, 7), connectors, patch panels and patch chords.

Surveillance/Security (CCTV):
Installation and maintenance of security cameras of different types like bullet cameras, dome, c-mount, infrared, PTZ/speed domes, wireless, network/IP and micro security. This also includes cabling, electrical boxes, Ethernet cables and Digital Video Recorders (DVR). Remote access management.

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