Child Day Care ❤

It will be our duty to help all the parents who are usually busy and work so hard for their family and glad tidings to such parents as we are beginning a new daycare where we will be providing your child with complete take care !

You can drop your child at our place and leave for your work and we assure you that your child will be in hygienic , clean and safe place !

Our Residence is located at Malaz , once you fill the form we will contact you and send you the exact location !

Fees is 500/ per child, regardless of the time.

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• Monitors all children under care while parents are at work.
• Ensures that children are safe and well behaved.
• Designs craft projects and other creative activities for children to complete.
• Provides snacks and meals for children.
• Makes sure daycare center is clean and organized.
• Monitors interactions between children to ensure there are no fights or disputes.
• Disciplines children when necessary.
• Provides updates to parents on children’s behavior and progress.
• Administers first aid when necessary.
• Comforts children who are homesick or upset.
• Designs activities that help children learn alphabet and basic reading skills.
• Arranges and oversees rest times or naptimes.
• Feeds, changes, and carries infants at the daycare center.
• Administers care to sick children.
• Contacts parents in the event of an emergency.
• Answers parent inquiries.

Child Report of your child will be given to you at the end of the month !
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