"Al Quran Education" Online Islamic Academy

Asalamalikum wa rehmatullahi wa bara katuhu

By the grace of Allah Almighty we run an online islamic academy named "Al Quran Education" in which we are teaching the Quran and Hadith with great care and professionalism.

We provide lessons/classes on Noorani Quaida, Nazra and Hifz Quran Kareem, (40) Masnoon Duas, (40) Hadith, Tajweed and Recitation, Translation of Quran Kareem, Arabic Language and Grammer. Important Fiqahi issues and Dars.
Speciality of our Academy:
1. All our teachers(ulmah) are associated with renowned Jamat and universities
2. We offer live Quran classes
3. We value our students hence we take care of the time difference and arrange classes accordingly.
4. There is no age restriction.
5. Special arrangement of female teachers for ladies.

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Qari .abdulrahim
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