Certification In Financial Modeling And Equity Valuation Training With Placement

Financial Modelling and Equity Valuation Program [FMEV] at RVM Finishing School is designed keeping in mind the skill set required to be a successful Financial Model Developer and Equity Valuation, Analyst.
FMEV program gives both working professionals and freshers real-time exposure to the world of Financial Modelling and Equity valuation. The program modules are designed to give students a real-time working knowledge of building a Financial Model, Value Equity, create Financial Dashboards, and present the model report by using word and PowerPoint.
As Financial Models are more than numbers, participants of the program go through a complete module: “Visual Writing: Writing for Numbers”, which sharpens their report writing skills. The program includes classroom and online teaching with video support, Case Study, and Certification at the end.
Learn financial analysis for trading, certification, and valuation through an RVM course from one of the best instructors. The candidates will learn to create efficient, robust, and flexible financial models to report and analyze historical data, prepare future projections, and present integrated financial statements, key financial ratios, outputs in a logical, summarized, and effective manner.
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