26, Looking For A Iqama Holder Religious Doctor MBBS/ BDS

AsSaalamu Alaikum, wa Rahmathullahi wa Barakatuhu,

We are a respectable, well-educated and practicing Muslim, Ahle Sunnat waljama’at, Hanafi family of Doctors and Engineers, belongs to Hyderabad city, living in KSA for the last 40 Yrs, Seeking only a doctor (B.Ds/ M.B.B.S), bride for our son.

The Groom has born, brought-up and studied up to the higher secondary school in KSA. Graduated in Finance/ Accountancy, and done M.B.A (Systems) from India, presently working as a business manager in a reputed company in Dammam. With family status.
He is religious and well mannered, Age: 26 Yrs, Ht. 5' - 8", Fair complexion, slim, Athletic, he is pursuing higher studies and P.R for Canada.

All other details will be furnished in the Bio-data upon request in sha Allah

Interested parents may contact us with the Bride's Bio-data and latest non studio, photograph.

Note: An Iqama holder, religious, Hyderabadi origin bride's parents may contact. Others please do not respond, and save our time.
May ALLAH (swt) help us to find the most suitable match for our children……..Aameen.

Jazak Allahu Khairan Katheeran