Imported Products From Europe For Your Distrubution

We are Open Tech Markets, a wholesaling company from Canada with a great experience of successful work in the market of distribution of goods and services since 2016.
We offer cosmetics, sports nutrition, food supplements, chemicals and detergents.
We could supply a wide range of animal products: animal food, supplements, additives. We have experts in these fields and can advise on the selection of quality manufacturers from Europe for these products. We have built an important storage network in Brazil to answer quickly to any requirements.
Goods from Europe extended in bigger part of the world market, having already received wide acceptance and love from consumers worldwide. We are offering you premium goods right from the producing companies and in a wide range.
Our company transfers the exclusive right to dispose of its discretion. We have all certificates that this product of European origin complies with Brazilian standards, so you can be sure of its quality.
We are ready to help distributors with any product category of their interest directly from European manufacturers.

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