INR 138000, 20ft Dry Container For Sale

20ft Dry containers are the most used type of container in the world: 90% of goods shipped by sea are loaded in dry containers. The 20ft standard cargo containers are made steel and are suitable for all types of cargo and we are providing high capacity in tons. The 20ft Standard Shipping Container is one of the most well-known iterations of containers. Also The standard shipping container is the most powerful variety in the container.

20ft cargo containers are held to a rigid standard to ensure that there are no issues during shipping. Each intermodal shipping container must be able to not only stack perfectly on a cargo ship, but also lock into chassis trailers safely.

A standard 20ft container dimensions are as follows:

External measurement: 20’/8’/8’6″
Internal measurement: 19’3″/7’7″/7’9″
Floor area: 150sqft
Maximum weight: 2230kg

Applications of a 20ft shipping container:

Wind and waterproof.
Suited for Transport.
Suited for Storage.
Equipped with a wooden floor.
Containers are inexpensive and versatile.

Features of a 20ft shipping container:

A robust all-steel construction with corrugated walls for extra strength.
Heavy duty marine timber flooring.
Heavy duty wide opening doors (270 degrees) for easy access.
Floor lashing points for securing goods.
Forklift pockets for handling and mobility.

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