ARS 100000, Impingement Tunnel Freezer Supplier

Impingement tunnel freezer the product will need to be frozen in transmission network, the quick-freezing machine by multiple high pressure fan of ram through specialized customized special specifications of the nozzle will wind up and down to the product surface, this special blowing in such a way that is equipped with enough evaporation area to play a better heat dissipation effect, make the products can reach the effect of quick freezing. It is suitable for the quick freezing of fruit, seafood, meat and other granular and block foods. Manufactured in accordance with HACCP and ensure the food safety, Production can be designed according to customer requirements.

Main features:
1. Can choose “Straight into straight out" in the way of delivery.
2. The insulation structure system is composed of double-sided SUS304 insulation board and filled with PU foam. The access door is equipped with a sealing device and a heating device to prevent freezing.
3. Freeze time short, freeze quickly, and do not produce large ice crystals, as far as possible to maintain its quality.
4. Conveyor belt is made up with special high strength SUS304 spiral mesh.
5. Aluminum alloy evaporator, Aluminum pipes and fins are densely designed for good heat exchange.
6. SUS304 electric control panel. It can be controlled by relay, PLC or touch screen.

Price: US$100,000.00-$200,000.00/ Set
1.0 Sets(Min. Order)

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Buenos Aires, Heavy Equipment, ARS 100000,  Impingement Tunnel Freezer SupplierBuenos Aires, Heavy Equipment, ARS 100000,  Impingement Tunnel Freezer Supplier