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Main Benefits of Our Software:

The main benefits of Destino ERP are its easy-to-use interface, self-implementation capability, open-source solution, and centralized platform for accounting, projects, CRM, HR, and payroll, among others. It is a flexible platform that can manage financial planning, accounting, and budgeting processes, just to name a few. It is also perfect for retail, manufacturing, and distribution systems, and is even cheaper than other similar systems out in the market.

Here are more benefits:

With Destino ERP, users get a single solution packed with extensive features. Its metadata modeling tools and Model-View-Controller architecture eliminate the need for custom programming. It is useable on different devices and can easily be integrated with other systems. The user interface is user-friendly which can contribute to boosting productivity.

Destino ERP is also an all-in-one accounting and finance tool, with multi-currency support, reports, tax calculations, and bank and payment reconciliation tools. The sales and customer relations management module can produce reports for quotations, sales, management, and communication with existing and potential customers.

Companies involved in distribution and logistics management will appreciate Destino ERP’s inventory management and manufacturing capabilities, which enable users to manage stocks, valuations, and inventory warehouses. Destino ERP’s product catalog and shopping cart module can also create websites which savvy users can use for marketing. Lastly, Destino ERP can be deployed either on-premise or in the cloud and can run on both Linux and web browser operating systems.

Main features of our Erp Software:
• Cross-compatibility
• Social network and messaging service
• Production planning tool
• Leave and attendance management
• Expense claim submission
• Employee appraisal
• Embedded reporting system
• Multi-currency support
• Comprehensive user interface
• Calendar
• Flexibility
• Built-in to-do lists and projects
• Time log entries
• Management reporting
• Accounting with tax calculations
• Sales, quotations
• Support requests
• Communication reporting
• Inventory warehouse management
• Website creation and design
• Multilanguage Operations, Accounting, and Invoicing

Other Features:

• Multi Company
• Inter Company
• Multi Currency
• Multi Language
• Full Web Interface
• Mobile Device Support
• Fully Responsive
• Realtime Chat and Emails
• Keyboard Shortcuts
• Dynamic Reporting

User Interface
• Gantt
• Kanban
• Calendar

• Lead Management
• Opportunity Management
• Pipeline Management
• Customer Multi-address
• Email Integration
• Full Customer History
• Email Templates
• Opportunity Analysis

• Newsletters (Mass Mailing)
• Blog/SEO/Web Pages
• Events
• Marketing Automation
• Marketing Campaign
• Contacts Segmentation

• Alerts
• Budgets
• Expenses
• Asset Management
• Realtime Inventory Valuation
• Analytic Reports
• Payment Reconciliation
• Deferred Revenue
• Checks Clearance Management
• Invoicing
• Batch Send Emails

• Warehouse Management
• Multi-Warehouse (for 1 company)
• Pick list, Packing and Shipping
• Traceability of Batches and Serial Nos
• Expiration Dates
• Multiple Units of Measure
• Stock Valuation
• Storing/Picking
• Barcode Support
• Customer Portal

• Routings
• Order of Assembly
• Costing
• Work Orders
• Traceability
• Quality Management
• Maintenance
• Tablets on Work Center
• Capacity Planning (Scheduling)
• Product Variants
• Multi level BOMs

• Request for Quotation (RFQs)
• Purchase Tender
• Pricing and Discounts
• Make-To-Order
• Minimum Stock Rule
• Purchase Receipt (Goods Received Note)
• Invoicing

• Quotes to Orders
• Quotations Templates
• Upselling/Cross-selling
• Subscription Management
• Point of Sale
• e-Commerce
• Multiple Variants
• Configurable Products

Services and Project Management
• Project Management
• Lean Approach/Kanban View
• Planning
• Helpdesk/Support
• Timesheets
• Email Integration

Human Resources
• Recruitments
• Appraisals
• Leaves/Holidays
• Fleet Management
• Payroll
• Expense Claims
• Salary Configurations

Pricing & Conditions
• Billing Term (Annual)
• Billing Term (Monthly)
• Free Trial
• Hosting & Maintenance
• Customer Support (Technical & Functional)


The Software can be integrated with the following applications:
• Google Calendar
• Gmail
• Google Maps
• Bitium
• SphereWMS
• Frappe
• Stripe
• Dropbox
• PayPal
• SparkPost
• GitHub
• Shopify
• Woocommerce
• RazorPay

Mobile App:
Your ERP Software can be also accessed through the Mobile App which comes with this application.

Other Services:
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