USD 79, Wondering How Much IPhone 11 Screen Repair Would Cost?

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Accidents happen and if you have a broken iPhone 11 screen or your iPhone 11 touch has stopped working then it’s a good idea to get your iPhone 11 repaired. Apart from this if you have dropped your iPhone 11 into the water and your screen has been compromised allowing water to creep inside and the moister has damaged delicate internal circuitry/ motherboard components of your device even then it's a good idea to get your iPhone 11 repaired. Furthermore, in some cases, you might face a black screen issue with your iPhone devices and your screen may not work at all, the screen may lose its brightness making it impossible to use.
But the challenge is figuring out the exact cost to repair an iPhone 11 screen repair but do not stress – iFixScreens have an exact estimate and we also have some insights about how much it should actually cost you to get an iPhone 11 screen repaired or how much should it exactly cost you to charge/replace your iPhone 11 broken screen.
iPhone 11 damaged screen replacement cost

Usually, the first place a respondent turns when they face a malfunction failure in their Apple devices is the Apple Store. This makes sense if your iPhone is covered with AppleCare+ Services or an Apple’s extended warranty – Apple customer with broken iPhone 11 screen is more likely to find Apple out-of-warranty repairs expensive.
An average of Apple store repair for a cracked iPhone 11 starts from USD $199 using Apple genuine parts. Look at the below-mentioned table below to compare the iPhone 11 screen replacement cost.
The mentioned below table is a comparison between Apple store and iFixScreens repair charges.

Product Apple Store Screen Repair Price only & NO LCD Replacement included (no warranty)
iPhone 11 $189.99
iPhone 11 Pro $279
iPhone 11 Pro Max $329


Product iFixScreens Glass Replacement with a same day repair guarantee iFixScreens Glass & LCD Replacement with a same day repair guarantee
iPhone 11 $179.99 $199
iPhone 11 Pro - $279.99
iPhone 11 Pro Max - $329.99

If choosing Apple stores to get your iPhone 11 cracked screen glass replaced, then the first step is to book an appointment with them (Apple Service centre). The conditions have changed due to current Covid restrictions and with only around 270 stores all around the US, your local Apple store fills up quickly. This means that getting your iPhone repaired might take several weeks and you might have to book an appointment several weeks in advance. So, before you think of booking an appointment with Apple Store you might want to re-think and look for an alternative.
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Get your iPhone 11 screen repaired at affordable prices

The iFixScreens Repair New York, NY is a chain of local iPhone 11 screen repair stores near you that can help you save time and money on your iPhone 11 repairs. For a wide range of people who are looking for an affordable and local iPhone repair store - iFixScreens is the stop. We are much cheaper, affordable and faster than Apple stores. The iFixScreens makes your phone repairs a hassle-free process and offers you the same-day repair service and most of our repairs done within first 30 minutes. We also provide FREE diagnostics on your device and we contact you with an obligation free repair (unlike Apple Store).

For instance, the average screen repair price (outside the Apple store) is around $157. That means getting your phone repaired outside apple is much cheaper. As mentioned iFixScreens, ninety-seven percent (97%) repair are done within the same day instead of waiting for several weeks for an appointment. And the excitement doesn’t end here!! We have stores are located all across the USA (mainly in New York, Florida, Georgia and expanding)
Do not waste your precious time waiting for your Apple store repairs, or even hours waiting in the queue for days. Whether it’s a touch problem, software issue or a hardware issue with your iPhone 11 – iFixScreens Expert’s repair is a one stop shop. We are 7 days open for your convenience. We also offer 180 days warranty on our repair again for any manufacturing defect on our repaired part.
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Is it worth getting your iPhone 11 screen repaired?

Since iPhone 11 is only a generation old, and it’s still one of the most expensive iPhones in the market. If your iPhone is a generation old and has started hanging in the middle, then it makes it worthwhile to replace or upgrade your iPhone to a newer generation with upgraded features.
The cost of getting an iPhone repaired is an average of just USD 157 at your nearby iFixScreens store in New York, NY whereas a brand-new iPhone 11 will cost you USD 599 which is much lesser than buying a new phone (difference is USD $442). In conclusion, it is worth getting your iPhone 11 screen repaired.
We also offer bundle discounts and seasonal discounts plus you can get an additional 10% off if you are a student, healthcare worker, military, or police officials. To avail these offers contact us now.
We have repaired over 10,000 iPhones located all across New York, Georgia, and Florida. Find the affordable iPhone repair store near you.
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