Asalamualikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

I am bride’s father , we belong to well educated and respectable family natively from India, Hyderabad

Bride detail
Name: Syeda MariyaFatima
Age : 22(Born and Bought up in Jeddah Saudi Arabia)
Height: 5’3
Complexion : Fair
Qualification: Graduation 3rd year
Religion : Sunni Hanafi [ we strictly do not follow any biddat , fateha and darga]
Father : Mir Arshad Ali
Qualification: National Key Accounts Manager, (Jeddah)
Sibling : 2
She offers five time prayers follows Sunnah as much as possible Alhamdullilah and stictly wear hijab and niqab , currently living in Hyderabad

Groom requirement
Age : 25- 28
Height: 5’7-5’11
Qualification : Professional Graduate or Post Graduate

He should be Self Independent , Islamically oriented comes from a well educated family and working in Gulf or Abroad

We do not forward the pictures of bride we maintain this privacy , if the persons seems really interested then we may share it.

We require marriage as soon as possible

If you find suitable please you can WhatsApp on +917569425507 inShaAllah.

Note: only Whatsapp please