Available Mathematics Tutor With 15 Year Experience

(Amourion Training Institute) (055-9564344) (www.amourion.com) ([email protected])
Available Mathematics tutor with 15 year experience in Emirates Hill/JBR/Marina/Meadows/Mirdif/Palm Jumeirah/Umm Sequim/Business Bay/Sports City/Falcon City of Wonders/Arabian Ranches/Lakes/Spring/Greens/Jumeirah Island/Al Barsha/ Nadel Shiba. Has PhD in Mathematics and prepares students for main schools like Repton School-Jumeirah College-DIA-Dubai College-Emirates International-Wellington International-Gems World Academy-Raffles International along with providing proper training to those students who are preparing for various competitive exams like GMAT/SAT/GRE/MBA and also for IB/IGCSE/ICSE/A/AS/AQA/K12. Trains the student well in the subject with proper provision of notes and assignments/past papers/worksheets. Any query or to make an appointment, call at 055-9564344