30, Male From Hyderabad India Seeking Alliances From Prospective Girls


I am seeking Bride for myself, I am basically from Hyderabad India. Presently working and living in Riyadh Saudi Arabia since many years.

I am a fair, 30 years old decent tall (5'11'') and well built (athletic) . I have good manners, moderately religious, easygoing, fun-loving and light hearted person. I am totally independent with stable finances and no major responsibilities. I have family status in Riyadh. My Canadian PR is also under process.

I was married but ended in divorce within few (15)days of marriage due to non compatibility and to make it easier for both.

I am seeking a healthy, open and broad minded girl from decent, well educated and religious families as my future life partner. Allah Willing

Requirements for bride.

Height: 5'5'' and above
Body type: Slim or moderately built.
Color: Fair
Age: 22 to 25 years
Well educated
Single/Never married, divorced within few days
better if from Hyderabad India

Prospective girls or their guardians can directly contact through email. [email protected]
I prefer in direct discussion instead of sharing bio and pics and then not replying/keep waiting etc.
If things go well marriage can be planned accordingly.

Please, those who don't meet the requirements refrain from contacting.

If things goes well, you can contact to my parents and visit my home in Hyderabad, India.