Quantity Estimates Services (Freelance/Home-Based Job)

Hi Everyone,

I am offering my services in Quantity Estimates on a freelance basis in the following fields;

A. Building Structures:
A1. Structural
A2. Architectural

B. Infrastructure/ Site Development Works
B1. Roads and Car Parks
B2. Storm Drainage system
B3. Potable and Fire Water Distribution System
B4. Sanitary Wastewater Collection System
B5. Irrigation Distribution System
B6. Landscaping

Academic Background:
*Graduate in the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering at Central Mindanao University, Musuan Bukidnon, Philippines in April 03, 1998
*Passed the Civil Engineer Licensure Examination given by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) in November 21-22, 1998
*PRC Registration No.: 0083422

Professional Affiliation:
Saudi Council of Engineers (Membership no.: 165378)

8 Years in Philippines
7 Years in Brunei Darussalam
7 Years in Saudi Arabia
A total of 22 years experience in contracting and consulting works

Personal Information:
Name: Gideon M. Roble
Age: 46 Years
Gender: Male
Country of Residence: Philippines
Nationality: Filipino
P. +639669028052
E. [email protected]
Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/gideon-roble-33587953
www.bayt.com: https://www.bayt.com/en/mycvs/

Looking forward to make business from you soon

God Speed