French/Arabic Online/at Residence Classes With Experienced Teacher

I am a teacher, with passion for teaching languages.
I have been studying and practicing my languages for many years and in the last 15 years, I have been focusing on teaching French and Arabic as foreign languages.
My methods change, depending on the capacity of the learner and on his/her level;
They are based on doing speaking exercises as much as possible,
Starting from oral expressions, we will then deal with grammar points.
In my opinion it is important first to become able to speak, to communicate, the structure of a language will be learnt in this way.
I DO NOT use translation in English. During the lesson; the point is to let the student understand from the beginning the new language, using association with images, mime, drawings and so on, so that he/she can soon "store" the language, as we all did with our mother tongue. This is my basic method...I will adapt it to each student, depending on his/her needs. Do not be scared about it, it is not fixed, we can discuss of course about it, if you need something particular. All the material will be provided. For more info please call: 055 20 790 20