Best Bulk Milk Cooler Manufacturers In India

Mahavir Industries is the greatest Commercial Milk Dairy Equipment and Bulk Milk Cooler Manufacturers in India. Quick and profitable milk cooling is major for defending milk quality. Milk leaves the udder at around 35°C and the glow in fresh milk must be quickly removed. We are using the best quality raw material in manufacturing processes and provide a new design and excellent performance milk coolers with the capacity of 3000 litters to 5000 litters. Our bulk milk coolers fast cooling to a limit temperature of around 4°C to 6°C.
You can call us to buy the latest design and the high-quality Bulk Milk Cooler at a very affordable price.
Phone No:- +91-9992015160
Address:- Plot No. 25, Old Chhachhrauli Road, Near Factory of Mamchand. JAGADHRI -135003 (Haryana).
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