INR 1499, WATAMATE Water Filter Pitcher

Worried about whether the water you drink is potable or not ? The environment we live in is highly polluted and adulterated with harmful chemicals.
The best solution to this problem is Watamate Water Filter Pitcher with PURO UF filter technology. UF filtration technology is highly advanced and a step short of RO and UV filtration systems which can filter out Micro-plastic particles, Chlorine, Pesticides, Heavy metals, Limescale, 90% of Pathogens

Ultrafiltration is the process by which Nano pore membranes coupled with 2 stage filtration of Micro Sieve & Activated Carbon particles yields pristine clean potable water
UF In A Jug - Puro UF offers the luxury of ultra clean water filtering solution as simple as in a jug without hassles of wall mounting, large space, manual cleaning, expensive filter changes. Capable of producing pathogen removal upto 90% recommended by water quality regulatory standards, PURO UF water is ideal to drink.
Apart from providing ultra clean potable water , it helps you stay hydrated and builds up immunity.

You need not burn a hole in your pockets for drinking ultrapure water. No more hassles of expensive filtration equipment .Watamate Puro UF Water Filter Pitcher is highly cost efficient.One PURO UF Fil Cartridge typically lasts upto 75 days for standard supply of ultrapure water.

Design of the water filter pitcher offers water tightness and an easy to pour out mechanism.

Best suited for Home, PG Accommodation, Serviced Apartments, Guest Houses, Activity Centers etc. Think wisely and opt this simple solution to solve all your water related worries and lead a hydrated and healthy life!

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