Best Laser Hair Reduction Clinic In Hyderabad

Laser hair reduction treatment is a popular medically approved hair removal treatment that uses laser heat to damage hair roots and provides clear hair-free smooth skin. Dr. Keerthana Kalva is an expert cosmetic dermatologist with huge expertise in laser technology and other skin rejuvenating treatments. Inform Clinics, is one of the best laser hair reduction clinics in Hyderabad, where world-class laser technology provides wonderful results. At the clinic, laser experts perform the laser reduction treatment under the supervision of Dr. Keerthana Kalva. Laser treatment can target any part of the body and offers long-lasting results. The laser hair reduction method also reduces the chances of getting ingrown hair and razor bumps caused by traditional hair removal methods. The laser hair reduction methods remove hair by selective photo thermolysis mechanism. Hence the light energy only damages the hair root, causing no damage to the surrounding skin. Both men and women can opt for laser hair reduction in Hyderabad and people of any skin tone can go for laser treatment, as with advancement in technology, lasers are also safe for use in dark skin tone. for more visit -
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