29, Seeking For Muslim Bride In KSA - Riyadh

بِسْمِ ٱللَّٰهِ ٱلرَّحْمَٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ

We are Sunni Muslim (Believe in Durood wa Salaam),
We are seeking Bride,
Boy is born and brought up in Hyderabad India. Presently working in Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

Requirements for bride.
Simple decent Sunni family girl must be practicing Muslim,
Who offers Five Times Prayers Strictly.
She should respect elders & family values.

Groom details
Height: 5.10
Colour : Fair
Age: 29 years
Work /Job:- Working in Riyadh-KSA.
Salary Details : 60,000 Per Month (INR)
Martial Status : Never married

Interested people can please send your biodata with recent photo on WhatsApp (+966543172306). Insha'Allah we will revert back if it matches.