😸cat for adoption😸
😸Age:1 year
😸Health issues:No
Place Dhahran
😸previous living status:rescued
😸personality: very innocent and gentle.Avoids fighting with other cats. Scared from strangers as he is a feral cat but never lived in streets after the age of 2 months.When he will see loving and caring behaviour will become a very close pet. Loves cuddling and sitting in lap.
😸terms and conditions: only Saudi families are invited to call for him not travelling people. Kindly consider if we want to have a meeting with the adopter before giving him.He wants to stay indoors but loves to sit in balcony, windows and in courtyard as he is feral. People from khobar and Dammam or Tahlia Qatif will be preferred.
😸Contact information: what's app for ladies only. 0556149110
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