055-9564344 Summer Vacation Course For IB-AS-A-IGCSE Maths-Physics-Chemistry

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Stop Struggling, Relieve Anxiety, Start Achieving the best you can!!!

I can help you improve your grades and increase your interest in the subject.

I teach Chemistry to IB SL / HL, GCSE, IGCSE, A level, Foundation year of university and degree level.

I also help IB students in their IAs / Labs and EE( if EE is on the chemistry-related topic).

I have 26 years of tutoring experience... more than 60,000 hrs.

Following is the list of few of the schools/colleges and universities, whose students I have taught.

Eton College
City of London School
St. Paul’s School
Harrow College
Cardiff Sixth form College
Hamptons School
Dulwich College
Wetherby Senior School
Queen Elizabeth`s School
Aiglon College
Gems World Academy
Wellington International School
Raffles World Academy
Jumeirah College
London Business School
Kings College
Queen Mary
University of Manchester
City Business School London
Middlesex University
University of Leeds
The University of Wollongong in Dubai
University of Toronto
University of British Columbia
The University of Leeds... and many more

I have improved thousands of students in the past and have taken up tutoring as my profession. I am a full-time tutor.

I usually start with the current topics that student is studying in the school and explain to the student that topic and related background knowledge. As I teach one to one, my pace is faster than school and we usually finish the topic in one or sometimes two classes. And then we do previous topics and I explain doubts on those topics. I usually do not teach students that they already know, instead, start topic wise past papers of the topics students feel he or she knows well.