Our Pearl Silver Body Belt rendered as a custom Barbie Doll.
Founded in 2012, Flutter is a handcrafted jewelry label based in the Philippine islands. We like coming up with original designs and bringing our dreams into life through beadwork and the workings of the Filipina hands.

Embroidery and beading have been a rich tradition and art form in the Philippines ever since the turn of the century. Back then, Filipino women were praised and loved for their beadwork skills. Our company is devoted to bringing life back into this culture that brought love, beauty, art, and history to the country, and empowering our local women again.

Each jewelry piece is passionately designed by Katrina Ong, with the help of her team of skilled Filipino women. Our in-house team and outsourced makers always come from our local communities. We practice slow production and make limited quantities for our designs because we believe in fostering a healthy, enriched work culture.