Popped Corn Making Machine Automatic Puffed Popcorn Maker

Traditional popcorn is cracked, messy, and ugly, with a thin aroma, dry taste and mediocre taste. Comparing the two, the traditional butterfly popcorn has no effect.
The origin of the ball shape popcorn machine:
The ball shape popcorn is made of imported American corn, imported raw materials, and added green ingredients. Therefore, the appearance is full, round and beautiful, and the unique nutrition and aroma of corn are retained to a large extent, the taste is crispy and the taste is comfortable.
Industrial Butter Flavored Popcorn Machine For Direct Coating Caramel Flavor Chocolate Flavor Gourmet Popcorns
Longze commercial popcorn machine is easy to operate, fully intelligent and fully automatic one-button operation. Stir evenly, the stirring blade rotates 360 degrees, and there is no blind spot for stirring in the pot. Energy saving and environmental protection, no waste gas, waste residue and noise pollution. The heating is rapid, and the instantaneous temperature can reach 240 degrees, causing the corn to burst. Safe to use and save manpower.

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