Arabic Tutor For Arabs And Non-Arabs (online And Face To Face)

- I have been teaching Arabic for 8 years in the UAE and in the UK. I hold Master`s degree (with distinction) in Arabic from Salford Manchester, UK, and I got a certificate in teaching in 2004.
- My teaching method is interactive, communicative and student-centered. My approach fosters independent learning and immerses learners in real life scenarios.
- As a qualified professional teacher, I use technology and a variety of teaching methods to make Arabic learning interactive, engaging, positive and enjoyable.
- I am familiar with educational psychology, linguistics, and I combine various teaching approaches to cater for the needs of all learners.
- I incorporate real-life activities such as discussions, role pay activities, and I tailor my lessons to assist learners to achieve their objectives whether for personal, academic or career success.
- I assist my learners to acquire the skills they need to communicate confidently and fluently. My linguistic and translation background gives me the theoretical tools to teach grammar, syntax, meaning, vocabulary and other aspects of language.
- I stimulate my learners’ interest by motivating them to learn the language in a real-life context and introducing activities that appeal to their personalities and interests.
I can manage different levels and different age groups. I can teach the following:
- Arabic conversation
- Arabic Grammar
- Arabic to know Islamic and culture
- Arabic to read the Quran
-Arabic -English-Arabic translation
Please contact me via:
Mobile/ WhatsApp: 0544977217