You have just landed in Dubai. Congratulations!

A new life is starting, but also, a new space of living is in your hands. So, you must deal with furnishing and decorating your home whilst also taking care that your family settles quickly. You have several worries crossing your mind:

• How can I make our new place stand out?
• How can I decorate our new place within our budget?
• Where do I purchase new furniture?
• How can I fix the colors on the walls and choose the right ones for our family?
• You have many ideas but do not know how to implement them or put items together in this new space.
• Or, if you're in a furnished apartment/villa, you want to know how to customize the space to make it feel like your home.

From now on, relax and focus on your other priorities. I'll do the legwork to help you feel settled quickly.
I am Bineta, a passionate interior designer who can assist you with :
• Designing your new space with a unique concept by providing you a color scheme palette, a clear floor plan to optimize your space, and give you a shopping list to furnish your new space based on your style and budget.
• Sourcing and installation of your existing or new furniture.
• Creating a personal touch in your new living space to help it feel like home as quickly as possible.

Email me @ [email protected] or go to my website to book a free appointment so we can discuss your project. I will be so glad to hear from you.

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