SAR 4700, 242 Sq. Yard, Best Investment Opportunity

*Best Investment Opportunity in Low Budget*
Rs 1000 per Sq Yd
242 sq yds(4700SR) and 605(11,700SR) sq yds sizes
Plot comes along with Malabar Neem and Sri Gandham Trees Plantation where they are Maintained for 6 Yrs.
*The Buyer of the Plot will get the following Benefits:*

• Spot Registration
• He will get the Telangana Passbook
• He was eligible for the Telangana Raitu Bandhu Scheme
• He was eligible for the Central Govt Kissan Scheme
• After 6 yrs he will get the profit share of 70% in Malabar Neem Trees
• After 12 Yrs he will get the profit share of 70% in both Malabar Neem and Sri Gandham Trees Equally
• 24×7 Security
• CCTV Surviellance

*Location Highlights:*

• Zaffergadh is a Mandal
• It was Located within the Warangal Master Plan
• Very Near to Industrial Corridor and Food Processing Industries
• Easy Connectivity with Road and Rail from various destinations ( Nearest Railway Station - Station Ghanpur )
• Nearly Surrounded by 5 Districts ( Siddipet, Yadadri, Warangal Urban, Warangal Rural, Mahabubabad )
• It was within the Region of Second Capital of Telangana - Warangal
• As a citizen of India you can be Proud to say that you are planting the TREES to reduce the Global CO2 Emission into the Atmosphere

For More Details Contact on
Ph: 0573255359