Game Localization English Specialist

Game Localization English Specialist

About us:
Shanghai SY Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a company focusing on the development of mobile game products. Founded in May 2012, SY Network regards the accumulation of teams, players and brands as the foundation of the company's growth.
SY has 60 employees at present, our main business is game software development. SY is a company focusing on the research and development of mobile game products.
SY produces the most sophisticated mobile games, and integrates our games into the customs and cultures of different countries, and introduces them to every country in the world.
Here are some of SY’s popular products:
"Queen", "Explosive Three Kingdoms", "Dragon Empire", "Solitaire"

Now we’re looking for an expatriate in China, to join our team, and develop with us.

Job Position: Game Localization English Specialist
Office Location: Near Jiangwan Stadium Line 10 Metro Station, Yangpu District, Shanghai, China

Job Responsibilities:
1. Translating and localizing in-game text and other user-facing materials from Chinese to English
2. Serve as localization quality assurance expert on in-game art, music and other materials
3. Assist customer service team to deal with problems, give timely feedback
4. Communicate and exchange with international partners if necessary

Job Requirements:
1. Native speaker of English, from US or CANADA most welcome.
2. Medium Chinese level, can understand some Chinese, if you can speak Chinese, will be a big plus
3. Has a good understanding of the local culture
4. Has experience with or a good understanding of video games
5. Attentive, motivated, and a great communicator with team spirit
6. Experience as a game localization is preferred
7. Someone now in China is most welcome.

Salary & Welfare:
Job type: Full-time in-office position (Part-time also needed)
Salary:¥234-325K/Year (Excluding bonuses)
Other benefits: Home leave and round-trip tickets
Work Visa Provided

If you’re a game lover, and interested in this job, please email us:

[email protected]

Best regards