Why MacBook M1 14 Will Be The Best Laptop Ever Created? And Its Journey.

Journey of MacBook M1

Apple has always been a milestone setter from its very inception. Apple has taken many steps that would revolutionize the industry or better the world. From its Apple 2 to GUI (graphic user interface) & from iPod to iPhones, many others like outdating ADB, SCSI, floppy drive, etc. In short, Apple .inc has taken many bold steps, but this one seems to be one of its best, seeing its future implications, one of the top 3. You cant probably imagine the consequences and changes it would bring to the industry.

Intel and its X86
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Let’s start from the beginning; Intel is no unfamiliar brand name to us, Most of the chips in our computers today we see are of intel’s only. It still covers its major chunk of the market through its X86 chips. X89 was the gold standard for PC from the beginning, as it had delivered some amazing chips, from Pentium to current I generation chips. But somewhere down the line, they lost their way.

In the struggle to make it more sophisticated, they were making it more complex. as a result, the chips were made so that even simple multitasking required heavy calculations and protocols on the processor side. Which indeed made them power-hungry monsters. For example, like literally whooping numbers, Core i7-6950X runs at 140 watts (seriously, my towel heater works at those watt levels). No wonder our laptops need those heavy, noisy fans to keep them cool.

(FUN FACT: One of the blunders in tech history is that ARM working on RISC and the chips inside your mobiles were on the table of integrals CEO to be acquired, but he, like Yahoo, rejected the opportunity.)

X86 vs Change
However, due to its bulky size, large power requirements, heating issues, and whatnot, X89 can’t be used in mobile technology. And intel CEO at that time told in the Apple launch event, besides standing Steve Jobs that mobile technology won’t go scalable, He thought that apple is too small for them. They won’t recover enough money that they would put in the research for the chips for iPhone. Daam, that guy was wrong. Almost a trillion dollars wrong.

ARM leading the charge
After that, ARM becomes a standard in the phone chip industry, and technology flourishes with the growth of Smartphones. At the same time, our phones were getting smarter and faster with better battery lives. Somewhere down the line, laptops were getting from bad to worst along the time. we mean from Pentium 1 (15.5 Watts) to Pentium 4 HT 541 (84 Watts) to I7 (140 Watts) thanks to those X86 Chips.