Westlock Control Increased Safety/Encapsulation Rotary Control Monitors ATEX/IEC

Fully integrated and encapsulated rotary valve control monitors. Simple to install, they offer a wide range of single or dual coil Falcon solenoid valves.

-- Increased Safety/Encapsulation design meeting a wide range of worldwide approvals.
-- Cost effective alternative to Exd units in specific applications.
-- Quantum enclosures integrate position sensors and low power solenoid valves into a single unit.
-- Solenoid coils integrated within Quantum housing.
-- Choice of factory pre-wired 3 and 5 way Falcon solenoid valves.
-- Solenoid valves with a choice of Cv ratings and coil voltage.
-- Strong durable Beacon™ offers 360° visual indication, available in a choice of styles and colors.
-- Touch set cams are hand adjustable, spring loaded and self-locking providing quick calibration of position sensors.
-- Terminal strips are pre-wired and numbered with generous working space for ease of use.
-- Additional conduit for easy field wiring and mounting accessories as standard.
-- Switch stabilisation plate.
-- Wide range of switches and sensors.
-- Standardized mounting pattern for easy adaptation to common bracketry.
-- Range of drive shaft options.
-- Engineered resin enclosure is robust yet lightweight; allows broad operating temperatures and provides exceptional chemical, UV and impact resistance.
-- Aluminum enclosures with ultra-low copper content (0.2% maximum) ensure robust performance in corrosive environments.
-- Robust stainless steel enclosure option.
-- IP rated plugs certified where applicable.

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