Preschool Training And Tuition For Kids In Hoora(Asharaf Electronics, City Mart)

PRESCHOOL Training, TUITION and Drawing for kids in Hoora (Ashrafs electronics, City mart, Swathi Udupi Restaurant)

• I am a Post Graduate teacher with 7 years experience in this teaching field.

• Age Bar: kids from 2.7years to 6 years.

• Morning 10 am to 1 pm.

• I’m providing study materials, Worksheets, stationary and suitable environment for effective study.

• Syllabus:

1. Writing and reading (alphabets and numbers)

2. Identifying various types of pictures.

3. Drawing and colouring pictures.

4. Fun with rhymes.

5. GK and exercise.

• After learning our course completely your kids will join school confidently.

• Nationality : Indian kids.

Tuition L.K.G to 3rd std (All subjects)
• Reasonable fees

• Near by : Ashrafs electronics,City mart, Swathi Udupi Restaurant.

• For more details please call or whatsapp 36709008.

• Indian kids only.

Drawing class for kids
• Weekly 2 classes.

• Drawing based on oil pastels, pencil shading and colouring…..

• Age from 5 years to 10 years.

• For more details please call or whatsapp 36709008

• Thank u

Tamil class also available……
• WEEKLY 2 days.
Thank u.