Garlic peeling is a tedious, key, expensive and time-consuming unit operation in garlic processing. A garlic peeler with cylindrical concave mechanism is developed to reduce cost and time. Kingston garlic peeling machine is designed to remove the skin of garlic cloves automatically, and it is widely used in garlic products production industries, to peel garlic clove or remove garlic clove skin. The machine is suitable for dry white garlic, red garlic and garlic effect is poorer.

Benefits of Kingston Garlic Peeling Machine
◆ The commercial garlic peeler machine is mainly used to peel the garlic skin with compete and no damage, can prolong the garlic storage time.
◆ Completely automatic dry-peel operation
◆ It has the characteristics of stable performance, practicality, safety, easy maintenance, and easy operation.
◆ It is easy to repair and clean and has a low malfunction rate
◆ Using the strength of the air compressor air to peel off, no damage to the raw materials. Using a specially designed peeling principle, the garlic is completely free of blades and hardness during the peeling process, thus ensuring the integrity of the processed product.
◆ Automatic dumping device, automatic separation of garlic and garlic skin.
Garlic peeling machine is to peel dry garlic by pneumatic princple. The peeling rate of the garlic skin remover can reach 97%. The garlic skin remover is simple to operate, clean and with a quick peeling speed.
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