Hi all! I hope I'm welcome here. My name is Rhenu. I have been teaching English for almost a decade, and grew up speaking the language so I have native-level proficiency in it. I have a Bachelor's degree in Education (TESOL) from the University of Otago, New Zealand and a Master's degree in Education (TESL) from the University of Technology, Malaysia. I am a certified teacher who has worked in both national and international institutions.

I am well-versed in both IB MYP Language and Literature as well as the GCE O-Levels, having been in charge of planning and producing assessments. I would also enjoy tackling the IGCSE First Language English and English as a Second Language, as well as various other national-level examinations such as SPM and PT3. I have also recently begun offering IGCSE Literature in English (0475) classes.

If you are interested, please reach me via email, stating the number of students and the assessment they are keen on preparing for under my guidance. I offer both individual and group lessons and would prefer online classes of 1.5 hours, although I am open to having face-to-face lessons once it is safe.

Signing off!