Urgent :: Seeking Educated And Settled Groom From India-Hyd

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu...

I am bride’s elder brother seeking proposal for sister who is residing in Hyderabad with elders.

About sister:

She is religious, soft spoken, easy going, follow quran and sunnah as well as hijab strictly, Also good household organizer and having positive attitude toward life.

Age - 28 Yrs

Height - 5’-3”

Complexion - V. Fair

Features - Sharp

Personality - Slim & Good Looking

Education - B.Com, B.Ed from (O.U)

Marital Status - Unmarried

Religious / Sect - Islam / Sunni Muslim.

Native Place - Hyderabad – India.

Requirement in Groom:

Religious, Decent, Non-smoker, Responsible, Professionally qualified with a well-settled job in Hyderabad /Abroad. Age group between 32-35 Yrs.


URGENT marriage is highly preferable. Only genuinely interested please share complete profile on WhatsApp 966-552419070.

Non-Indians, Non-Hyderabadi & Time waster please excuse.

Jazakallah khair...