new building, the height of the warehouse is 8/meters, along the sides and 10/meters in the middle with concrete walls on the sides, with a bar height of 4/meters with a roof of aluminum profiles.
the warehouse is a boundary building (PEB) from Al-Zamil company, divided into three large warehouse with an area of 1,998/meters - 2,003/meters plots for each warehouse parallel with opening between warehouses allow the passage of equipment and trucks.
offices two floors GR floor area 123/m + first floor area 196/m, with excellent pouring, five bathrooms, three sinks and a cupboard + three guard room with bathroom separate.
safety systems consisting of a fire control system & early warning system including smoke detectors and heat, alarm bells, emergency light, light instructions with a control panel in the guard room.
complete electrical network.
three roll up gates.
15/cm thick asphalt layer.
13-bottles of skylight's.
water tank with an automatic pump.
holes to drain rainwater.
thermal insulation of warehouse and the administrative.