Job duties:
• Working with Art / Motion Directors to design and build compelling high quality animations and video productions
• Utilizing conceptual and design skills to bring ideas to life
• Shaping the details of motion projects by providing cutting edge techniques and technologies
• Coordinating with programmers on integrating functions and objects into visual designs
• Managing deadlines and executing on-time and on-task
• Staying current with production tool and technology advancements
• Training Motion Designers in production best practices
• Delegation of production tasks to Motion Designers
• QA and review of final output and source files.

Required Education:
A Bachelor's Degree in graphic design or a related field.
Required Experience:
• 3 years' experience in motion design /production environment, or the equivalent combination of work experience and education
• Adobe Creative Suite (Premiere, After Effects, etc.)
• 3DS Max
• Adobe Photoshop / Fireworks
• Adobe Illustrator

Required Skills:
• Traditional Art Skills.
• An Understanding of Animation.
• 3D Design Skills.
• An Understanding of Typography.
• An Understanding of Color Theory.
• Creative Thinking.

To apply please send your cv and Portfolio to: [email protected]