Table Tennis Coaching And Selling Of Equipment

Alps Table Tennis Academy is a Table Tennis School with the top-notched equipment and facility located at Golden Mile Complex. The academy was founded to set a competitive edge in training our students to reach their potential.Our team of coaches consists of paddlers who are committed to nurture the students and impart their vast knowledge in both the training and competitive field. With the training done by our experienced coaches and the data analysed by our AI robot, our students will have a competitive edge over other academies.

Paddlers can benefit from the excellent training facility, group training or individual coaching if the student prefers undivided attention
Besides China, we are the only Table Tennis Academy in the world that incorporates AI robot training programmes, alongside our team of professional and well-known coaches. Our AI Pongbot, M-ONE, is a robot that serves with a racket and adjusts its speed and spin of the ball according to a player’s level. It also produces data on a player’s hits and movement to rate performances and generate data-based feedback. Each session is tailor-made based on the students’ needs, skills, and goals.