Are you designing/redesigning your dream home or decorating your new office and looking for material that is strong and durable? We present to you a whole arena of waterproof plywood that will give you an interior that stays. High-quality waterproof plywood is best suited for making furniture and cabinets that are highly exposed to water. The waterproof finish ensures the long life of the furniture and adds to its strength. These plywoods are different from normal plywood as they are treated specially to make them resistant to weathering caused by water.
At Dhanuka’s we have a dedicated team that is constantly working to give you the best of the best solution for all your plywood-related needs. The kitchen, bathroom, terrace, and outdoor furniture of your home or office stand venerable to water and so, we developed this collection of waterproof plywood that can stand adverse and give long life to your furniture. The high quality and varied variety that we offer has made us one of the top suppliers of waterproof plywood in Bangalore.

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